PODCAST: From Freelancer to Entrepreneur


Last week I was honored to be featured on the Creators Path podcast hosted by fellow Lumix Luminary, Giulio Sciorio.  Giulio has had a large following online for many years (I've been among them).   His advertising images and videos are known to suck their viewers in, as he mixes still with video in a more creative way than I've ever seen from anyone to be truthful.

In the podcast I talk about my transition from still photography, to video and fusion films.  I talk about the joy of being part of creating a stunning film that leaves my viewers in tears and in laughter.  I discuss the art of storytelling.  And (as the title of this blog suggests) I talk about my shift from operating as a freelance wedding videographer, to an entrepreneur and the CEO of the Austin, Texas based LadybirdWeddingFilms.com.

I have always been a big fan of Giulio and his work, so to get to be a part of his podcast was really humbling and just a lot of fun to be honest!  

If you are an artist of any type you'll love the Creators Path Podcast.  I'd encourage anyone interested in pursing the creative arts to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and maybe even give my episode a listen.  ;-)

Source: http://www.giuliosciorio.com/creators-path/2016/7/4/from-wedding-freelancer-to-entrepreneur-with-jordan-bunch

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