Carrying the Lumix GX85 (Part 2)

In my previous post on the Lumix GX85 camera I discussed how I carried my new camera with me everywhere for one month.

What I didn't share is just how good for my soul this was.

Okay maybe that sounds over the top, but let me explain...

When you are a professional photographer its easy to let yourself get in a rut where any photograph you take feels like work.  I hear so many stories of photographers who lose the joy of taking photos.  Its all work and no play.

This is why I loved my experiment of bringing this fun little amazing camera with me everyday.  It brought so much joy to my life to carry this little powerhouse around and create some great photographs of the things I care about most.  

Well this follow up post is just about that.  Photographing, and in this case also videoing, the woman I care about most.  

When you have a 2 year old and a 1 month old, its hard to find date nights.  But I want my kids to know when they are older that their parents made their relationship a priority even when it was very difficult.  

So Sara and I went for a night on the town in Austin, Texas.  We ate some delicious Tex-Mex and went two stepping at the world famous "Broken Spoke."  (The oldest standing Honkey Tonk in the world!)  We met people from all over the world!  New York, Seattle, Ohio, Oklahoma, England, Ireland... I could hardly believe all the places we were meeting people from at this little Honkey Tonk! 

Anyway, when you're going on a date, the last thing you want to do is lug around a 6 pound camera... but an iPhone just doesn't cut it either.  

I captured all of these photos and video with the Lumix GX85 camera and Leica 15mm f/1.7 lens.  I transferred the jpegs and .MP4 files to my iPhone via the camera's build in wifi and then created this video in the "Quik" app.  In just a few minutes without the use of anything other than my tiny little camera and iPhone I had a cool video to document our fun night out.

Two of the photos below were taken by strangers I asked to take a photo for me.  I simply put the camera in intelligent Auto mode and showed them the shutter button.  The results were still fantastic!  And one of them was taken by an 8 year old boy!

Here's a closer look at some of the photos from the video above.

This is the photo I had an 8 year old kid take for me!

Selfie using the face detection auto focus

Asked a random guy to take this photo for us. Love how easy the GX85 can be!

Portrait of James White the Honkey Tonk owner

Sweet old lady who came to watch the dancing

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