Telling a Great Love Story

My family, friends and my clients all know how passionate I am about storytelling.  I love getting opportunities to tell a great story.  

I write down a lot of the stories of the life of my own family.  I tell stories to friends.  When I'm given the chance to speak at a conference, I often allow the narratives to do the heavy lifting of driving home my point.  

But no medium is better at telling a story than video.  

This is why I love my job.  I get to tell the unique love stories week in and week out of each of my clients.  It never gets old because each love story has its own fingerprint.  

I always encourage my clients to make sure their wedding has elements in it that make it uniquely them.  I have done a few weddings with no speeches, vows straight off the books, a minister preaching who didn't know the couple...  This made my job of telling their story extremely difficult.  I had to basically convey that fully through the visuals.

On the flip side, when I find a couple like Nick & Meredith I am thrilled at how they wrote their own vows that reflect what makes them who they are, shows what they value, and explicitly shares how they feel about each other.  Elements of the wedding like this allow me the opportunity to create something that is a reflection of the bride & groom in a way that allows anyone who watches the film (wether they know the couple or not) to be instantly connected to them in a powerful way.

So if you are getting married (wether you hire me or someone else) to make your wedding film, make sure you schedule time in your day to express each of you is and what you mean to each other.

Taylor JuarezComment