The Marriage Covenant

(Disclaimer: I realize I’m going to step on a lot of toes with this blog post, but it won’t be the first or last time I do that.) 

I have an incredibly unique family.  I am privileged beyond belief because of this.  

My grandparents were married over 60 years.  My other grandparents were separated by death too early when I was in preschool.  My parents are about to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.  My wife’s family has a nearly identical family history in this way.

As someone who has had the incredible privilege of being raised by two parents who loved each other and were deeply committed to each other, I recognize that there is nothing more valuable a parent could give to a child than the ability to go through life knowing that their parents marriage is a constant.  

This is a huge part of the reason I love my job so much.  I love marriage.  I love the covenant between two people that says, “I will never give up on us as long as I live.”  It is the most beautiful thing one person can say to another.  

Seven years in this industry and I still tear up at nearly every wedding I shoot.

I recently had the pleasure of filming a 50th wedding anniversary from the sweetest couple who renewed their vows.  It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in this business to get to be a part of this celebration of a well lived out marriage covenant.  (You can enjoy that film above).

Now here’s where I get really vulnerable with you all…  Here’s an excerpt from a letter I wrote to my parents who are celebrating their 40th Anniversary.  

“…It is so rare is to have two parents who love each other and are committed to their marriage until death parts them. 

What a gift! What an example!

What a testimony! Forty years of loving, committed faithfulness to marriage vows is the best gift two people could give their children. And it leaves a legacy. Because of your commitment to each other, my kids will never have to give a thought to the idea that they won’t also have the same thing. They will know that just as Mimi and Da didn’t let anything stop them from fulfilling their vows, so Mommy and Daddy will do the same. 

So your gift isn’t just to me and my siblings. Your gift is to Emma, Peyton, Hudson, Brooks, Jude, Annabelle, Hattie Lou and all of the grandchildren to come. Your gift is to all those many hundreds of people your lives and your marriage has blessed. 

You are a treasure. You are worth more than any fortune. You, yourselves are our greatest inheritance.

Thank you for being who you are so that we can all be who we are and who we will be.

With immeasurable love and gratitude,

Jordan, Sara, Annabelle & Hattie Lou Bunch”
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