Ep. 21: Editing Series: An Interview with Sebastian Nandryka

Editing Series- Sebastian Nandryka.png

Think all wedding films look alike? Think again! This week, we sat down with Sebastian Nandryka to hear about his unique films. “Super Weddings” films are sure to blow your mind one way or another. We won’t make any promises you’ll love the films, but the artistry that goes into Sebastian’s films is clear and completely different from anything we have ever seen. Sebastian defies norms as he embraces inspiration not from other wedding film-makers, but from legends of the film industry. His clients have to give them their complete trust in order for him to create these wedding films that will either leave you wondering what the heck you just watched, or calling him a genius and master of the craft in a way no one else on the planet is. So which is it? Have a listen and you tell us!

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