Eleven:28 Ministries

Jesus knew the power of a story

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Jesus often leaned on the power of a compelling narrative. He leaned on it so hard he would often refuse to break it down for his audience simply leaving them with the words, “Let those with ears to hear, hear.”

Have you ever watched an incredible movie with a friend and both come away with completely different thoughts about the film, both equally valid and compelling in their own ways?

Jesus knew that the power of narrative is the ability to speak to each person hear/viewing the story from their own unique perspective. This allows the viewer to take the story to heart in a way thats simply impossible from a sermon with 3 points.


Donations are spiritually & Emotionally motivated

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In a study conducted by University of Pennsylvania marketing professor Deborah Small and her colleagues, researchers found that cases focusing on a single person’s story generated more donations than those focusing on a larger number of unnamed victims. In fact, they also found that presenting general statistics alongside individuals’ stories actually led to a decline in overall gifts.

Small and her colleagues conclude that charitable giving is often triggered by “spontaneous affective reactions.” In other words, people are more likely to donate based on feelings, not logic. And stories that focus on the plight of one individual seem to have a greater emotional impact.

Reflect on your own life. Have you been more compelled to donate to a cause from a long list of statistics or from hearing a compelling story of an individual or community?

A Team of Aces


Many filmmakers operate as a solo crew. However Hollywood has proven that it takes a team of experts in different aspects of filmmaking to create something truly great.

The Film Mavericks team is a production made up of diverse skill sets. As each project is formed a team is selected within our company based on the specific needs and budget of the project. Our bigger projects have a larger team including: A director who gives full attention to the vision and content that will drive the story. A Director of Photography who will focus their attention on lighting and composition that supports the directors vision of the project. An audio technician who makes sure that the audio is crisp, clean and resonant. Additional camera operator(s). A lead editor who works alongside the director to shape the vision into the final story. A colorist and audio engineer to polish every detail of the final version of the film.

Hollywood Quality

In todays world of oversaturated media, consumers will simply move on from anything that isn’t up to the quality standards they have come to expect from their favorite TV shows and movies. In order to have the kind of impact you need for this project the quality has to be of the highest caliber.

In particular individuals of a high net worth will have a keen eye and low tolerance for poor quality filmmaking. Anything less than top quality will have an extremely high bounce rate. Above is an example of a project that (while unrelated to this project) had the full team working together to deliver top quality. This particular piece had over 8,000 views in the first 7 days on facebook. Not bad for a real estate sales video!

The Proposal

In order to accomplish the goal of raising significant long term funds for Eleven:28 Ministries a comprehensive approach to a video campaign will be needed. View the video above to hear more about the vision for the project.

The Budget

Below is a video for another non-profit that is near and dear to our heart where we simply captured the events of a conference and crafted it into a short sharable video that tells a compelling story of the impact this ministry has on those it touches. Our first video will tell a story in a similar fashion but through the context of sit down interview discussions with Rhesa and someone that is part of one of the ministry groups in Dallas.


For the longer Documentary film we would like to create the budget breakdown is as follows.

2 days in pre-production - $1000

5 days on location filming with the crew - $10,000

5 days in post production - $5000

Total - $16,000

Travel Estimate (we won’t know the actual figure here until we get into pre-production conversations) - $4000